New Music Quick Reactions Nov 26


  • Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, Bob James Freestyle (B+): Two giants of rap on a track of straight bars over a simple acoustic beat. The sheer talent demonstrated in these 3 minutes is mind-blowing.
  • Rod Wave, By Your Side (B): Rod Wave’s synthesis of R & B and rap took the 2020 scene by storm and on this new single he continues his development, with more energy and variation, while cleverly incorporating parts of “Hey There Delilah.”
  • The Wombats, Everything I Love Is Going to Die (B): How can a song sound so cheery and be so depressing? This poppy single from the British band, The Wombats, juxtaposes shallow comments with existential haymakers for a great effect.
  • B-Lovee and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, My Everything (Part II) (C+): Yet another single on the same beat, that’s 3 now, by the South Bronx rapper. His verses and flow are good but nothing special and the Boogie feature continues his string of nondescript output.
  • Kali Uchis and Ozuna, Another day in America (C): Inspired by West Side Story’s “America,” this track takes the source material and makes it vapid and exhausting. The redemptive aspect of this track is Kali Uchis’s vocals and the spoken-word bridge.
  • Lil Pump and Nesi, Contacto (D): This song is bland and bad, both rappers are uninspired, and the beat is lazy. The only thing saving this song from a failing grade is that Lil Pump raps in Spanish.


  • Anuel AA, Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren (B+): On his third album “Legends Never Die,” Anuel AA displays his unapologetically Boricuan style that blends local rhythms with the flow of US MC’s. His sound has matured, and his flow is energetic, the few features blend well but don’t take away from the focus of the album. There’s very little wrong with this album and it is easily his best to date.
  • Deep Purple, Turning to Crime (C): There are two types of aging stars, those who do it well and those who don’t. Deep Purple has not aged well. This new album sees them putting grungy, simple, and raucous rock covers together. Although this is their best output in a while it is still not good.

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